London Boilers

Our Gas Registered engineers are experts in fitting London boilers, including modern condensing boilers. We don’t just change your boiler, we will fully design a new bespoke heating system for your home. Our experts are at hand to provide you with all the information you require for fitting the right boiler which will suit your needs right now and in the future.

Condensing Boilers

Since 2005 all boilers need to be “condensing” type boilers in line with government regulations. Condensing boilers are 90% efficient, which means they turn 90% of the fuel they burn into heat, compared to 55% for non-condensing boilers. This makes them the most efficient type boiler available on the market. A condensing boiler turns residual heat to condensation. This heat is captured hence maximizing the energy used in the boiler and making it more efficient. An improvement of some 35% of efficiency.

Types Of Boiler

There are two main types of boiler, combination and conventional system boilers. They are both condensing boilers and have similar efficiencies but are suited to two different scenarios.

System Boilers

This type of system is reliant on a water storage tank. The water is heated by the boiler or an immersion heater. There are two types of system, unvented and vented.

The unvented system relies on a pressurized tank like a Megaflo or Santon. The pressure comes from the mains supply, so if this is low an accumulator or pump may be required.

The vented system uses gravity, a large plastic tank in the loft stores water and pushes it around the system.

Advantages Of System Boilers

  • Maintenance costs are low, especially when immersion heated
  • Good flow rates, dependent on main pressure
  • You still have an airing cupboard
  • No need for noisy pumps
  • You still have hot water if the boiler breaks down

Disadvantages Of System Boilers

  • Valuable loft space used for tanks
  • Pipes may freeze in winter
  • You need space for an airing cupboard
  • Water takes longer to reheat in tanks
  • Need to preheat hot water

Combination Boilers

Combination boilers do not need any tanks and heat water as it comes in from the mains. This makes them more efficient as there is no need to store heated water. Combi boilers heat water instantaneously and also heat the home; this combination of use gives them their name.


  • Perfect for two bathrooms
  • No need for any tanks
  • Cheaper bills as more efficient
  • Fine for a larger property such as a four-bedroom home with two bathrooms


  • Need good water pressure at mains
  • Can struggle with flow rates so three bathrooms may be an issue
  • Flow rates will be slower when being used by different sources
  • Breakdowns mean no back up system like with an immersion heater
  • More expensive to install than a system boiler