Landlord Safety Certificates

Also called Gas Safety Certificates, CP12.

In the UK, it is the law for a landlord to have an annual gas safety check at the rental property for all gas appliances and flues to obtain Landlord Safety Certificates.

The works must be carried out by a gas registered plumber and a certificate is issued under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

There is nothing stopping you from having one done at your own home and have all your appliances checked.

From 1st January 2013 all flues in boxed in voids or between voids, will need an inspection point within 1.5m of the concealed joint. If there are no inspection chambers a carbon monoxide detector will need to be fitted.

We also fit carbon monoxide alarms which are an effective added safety feature for the tenants, but should not be regarded as an alternative to the CP12.