Magnaclean London

Fitting a filter to your system will extend the lifespan of your central heating system.

We always recommend that a filter is fitted to your new central heating system.

The Magnaclean system is a magnetic filter that removes suspended iron oxides and other magnetic particles from your heating system. Iron oxides inhibit the efficiency of the boiler thus increasing energy costs and repair bills for your boiler.

The filter is fitted to the return pipe to the boiler thus preventing impurities from entering the boiler; the pipes are small on a new boiler and clog up easily. The filter has nylin filter so it can be removed and cleaned when the boiler is serviced, so the impurities can be regularly removed.

Why Fit One?

  • Immediately and continually protects your heating system
  • Reduces cardon emissions
  • Maintains the efficiency of the boiler and prolongs its lifespan
  • Has a 2 year guarantee