Plumbers In Putney

Plumbers In PutneyPutney is a district in South West London. It is an ancient parish with a church founded in the medieval period as a chapel of ease. Extensive building began with the advent of the railways; until the 1840s, Putney was a part-wooded agricultural village linked to Fulham by a wooden bridge across the Thames, and was a place where Londoners including Elizabeth 1st, came to enjoy outdoor pursuits including hawking, horse-racing and hunting. Later, in the 19th century, rowing became one of the most popular leisure activities due to the clean water at Putney.

There are more than twenty rowing clubs based at Putney Embankment, where the area is part of a conservation area. The University Boat Race has started from Putney since 1845. Putney is known as a lively and relatively affluent area, and is home to the largest number of Australians and New Zealanders in the UK.

Notable people born in Putney include Clement Atlee, post-war Labour politician and founder of the National Health Service, Marc Bolan, the singer, (who also died there in a motor accident) Sir Richard Branson, the entrepreneur, Thomas Cromwell, advisor to Henry 8th, and architect of the English Reformation, and Nick Clegg, former leader of the Liberal Democrat party.

Our skilled team of plumbers in Putney offer a full plumbing service which caters to a householder’s every need, and our national award-winning sister company can provide a full building and electrical service. All our work is covered by a full guarantee for twelve months.

London And Greater London

Our plumbers work within the Greater London area, as well as in the Home Counties. Our expert team have worked throughout London on a whole range of different projects. These projects are not just limited to plumbing – we undertake all types of building work.

Gas Registered Putney Plumbers

All our plumbers in Putney are Gas Registered and carry their cards with them so you can check this if you so wish. They are a highly experienced and fully qualified team you can trust.

We have worked on every sort of project: installing plumbing in kitchens and bathrooms, lofts and basements, repairs, refurbishments and new builds. We have replaced boilers, renewed heating systems, and installed new systems. Whatever your requirements, Touchstone Plumbers have the experience and the skills to carry out work of the highest standard.

Contact us today to find out exactly which services our team of qualified and experienced plumbers can provide for you. We are happy to answer any of your questions and our experts are always on hand to offer any advice.