Power Flushing

Touchstone Plumbing provide a power flushing service for your central heating system in London.

We use the best systems to power flush your central heating system and which make it perform to its best. Once power flushed, your heating system will run quieter, quicker and more efficiently. Power flushing removes sludge which involves flushing the heating system with high velocity water and chemicals which shift the sludge and debris which has collected in your system. This means more hot water can get around quicker, resulting in a better heating system.

The power flush is connected to your heating system across the flow and return, thus dislodging any sludge and debris, which is then drained out, thus clearing your system.

When To Consider Power Flushing

  • When you are changing your boiler
  • If you have noisy pipes or knocking in the heating system
  • The bottom of the radiators are cold
  • Pumps fail – due to sludge

All heating systems require a power flush after a few years. Debris and sludge accumulates in the radiators and pipes. This is more prevalent in older systems. The sludge causes the flow of water to slow down, creates blockages in radiators and pumps, and results in knocking and other noises in the system. All boiler manufacturers recommend a power flush when installing a new boiler. A modern high efficient boiler with its highly efficient heat exchangers works to its best when a power flush has been performed.

When the power flush has been done, the bottom of the radiator will be as hot as the top, as the water can fully circulate.